Moleculus Ecosystem

To be truly viable, cryptocurrency must be able to seamlessly serve a practical purpose in the real world. Our suite of financial products and services is designed to cater to the practical needs and requirements of our modern society, with cryptocurrency.

These financial services will be facilitated in conjunction with industry partners and service providers to maximize product efficiency, reliability, and user experience.

Systematic Investment Plans

Moleculus introduces Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) for individuals and corporations to take their first step toward investing for a brighter future.

The plans help build your crypto portfolio where you get flexible options for incremental investments made in smaller sums as per convenience. SIPs are ideal for individuals who want to invest in cryptocurrencies without burning a hole in their pockets. A must have for all the HODLers!

Crypto Loans

If you are searching for crypto lending and borrowing facilities, without relinquishing ownership, you have arrived at the right platform.

Our crypto borrowing and lending facilities allow you to put your assets to work for you without relinquishing ownership. Instantly borrow fiat currency against your crypto collateral at market-leading rates. Lend your cryptocurrency to earn up to 10% in returns.

This is made feasible through rehypothecation of crypto assets to other financial institutions in a secure, overcollateralized manner.

Smart Insurance

Traditional insurance has been inefficient in a number of ways for both the insured and the service provider. Blockchains and smart contracts, on the other hand, are poised to alter the status quo. You can now get these insurance products from industry leaders at significantly better terms and lower costs with our smart-contract insurances. Because the costs of administrative activities, claims processing, and fraudulent claims management services have decreased, service providers are able to provide these lucrative, flexible policies. Smart-contract insurance is here to stay, as it significantly benefits both customers and service providers.

Relocate Stress-Free

Moving may be stressful, especially for those who live in rental apartments. Before moving into a new property, it is typical to pay 2-3 times the monthly rent as a lump sum upfront payment. With extensive pre-screening already in place to guarantee that tenants can comfortably afford the move-in, it appears impractical to lock up such large sums of money up front, putting tenants under a short-term cashflow problem.

Our "RSF Plans" are created with the goal of changing the status quo. Allow your cryptocurrency to alleviate this cash flow constraint by taking out no-collateral fiat loans against it. The existing prechecks are repurposed as eligibility verification. Move into your new house without worrying about your finances in the short term. Allow your assets to work, so you may enjoy life!