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Moleculus De-Fi Index

Capitalization-weighted index leveraging top performing assets across the market.

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Moleculus Fundamentals & Value Index

The index that weighs asset fundamentals and asset performance conjointly.

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Moleculus Value Index

Index that leverages assets with superior fundamentals, but are heavily undervalued!

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Moleculus NFT De-Fi index

Leverage the assets that are driving the shift to a virtual avenue for entertainment, art, sports and business.

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Moleculus Bespoke Index

Curate your own personalized index and index principles. You choose how your Index token operates.

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Investing in cryptocurrencies has never been easier!

Build a strong and secure foundation for your crypto portfolio. Moleculus Index tokens deploy layers of financial strategies to enhance returns while minimizing losses. Realize the true potential of exemplary investment diversification!.

Leveraging Multiple Tokens

The Index tokens leverage a group of cryptocurrencies that are evaluated based on a variety of performance indicators as well as their core fundamentals. The diversification ratios are then assigned to these leveraged cryptos. The token algorithm then maintains and regularly rebalances the ratio based on real time market performance.

Diversification & Rebalancing

The index token rebalances itself automatically to take advantage of the better-performing coins while also correcting for the worse-performing ones.

Outperforming the market!

The Index Tokens does all the heavy lifting, always working to maximize your investment growth while also mitigating market dangers.

You can relax, knowing that your money is working for you!